Thursday, May 5, 2011


lately we've turned a corner with noah's eating habits.
actually, it's been for some time now, but just recently in a huge way.
my friend jen invited us over for an impromptu dinner. i walked in to see her dishing out bowls of pasta with amazing sauce {i like my pasta sauce full of veggies and chunks of beef - yuu-uum}. then i thought,
oh noah. why won't you eat pasta?
jen looked at me and said, "oh! noah. right." {a good friend knows about even your kids' eating habits.} but i decided to just let it go and see what he would eat. no sense in giving him something else than everyone else and teaching him that it's okay to reject a meal at someone else's home.
well, the boys {noah and elijah} decided/asked to eat outside on the deck at the kids picnic table. as elijah was heading outside, he went by the table, was handed his bowl of spaghetti and walked outside to sit down. so noah followed in suit.
he uttered not a word about not liking "this" or pasta or anything.
minutes later i caught him chewing something out of the corner of my eye.
guys! look! he's eating THE PASTA!!!
we all subtly looked at him and watched as he took mouthful after mouthful of spaghetti. pasta!
he ate his entire bowl.

i asked him after if he liked it and he said he did.
i tried offering him pasta again multiple times after this and he ate it! i sensed that the texture was still a bit much for him at times, but he shoveled it in like he's always loved the glorious stuff.


now the other night he didn't want the larger egg-type noodles we had at dinner, but was willing to try a piece in the end.
i blogged about it before and so it's nice to be able to blog about it but with success in this area.
he just came around of his own accord.
well, that and peer pressure. it's good for some things after all.


  1. YAY Noah! this is huge news in your house! i'm so excited for you! A whole new world of deliciousness is going to open up for that kid now. He has no clue what he's been missing! (no doubt he'll make up for it once his taste buds clue in!)

  2. woohoo! our caleb is a picky eater and he too recently tried baked ziti pasta!


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