Thursday, May 19, 2011


nothing like the first bbq of the season to welcome the warm weather.

today i took the boys on the bus, subway and street car and went to a lovely colombian cafe downtown with my sweet friend shelly.
noah grumbled through the entire meal because it wasn't the mcdonald's we had just passed but both boys gladly scarfed down the empanadas i ordered for them.
i had a black bean and mozzarella arepa and it.was.delish.
if you're in the queen st. w area in toronto, check out arepa for some delish food at a good price.
also, shelly introduced me to the store fresh collective which is a bunch of local artisans who each work one day a week at the store and sell their gorgeous jewelery, clothes, etc. 
i'm in love.
(and i'm going back without kids.)

it was a lovely day. 
how was your thursday?

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