Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cooking Obsessed

I'm back in TO and I just got back from grocery shopping. I bought lots of groceries. They're for this weekend at ... *trumpets* Cousin's Christmas! Huzzah (as my good friend Tamsin would say)! It will be a fun weekend - yes, my hopes are high. High in the sky apple pie hopes. That's what I've got.
BUT I digress...
I'm making a whole heap of things - I even had to cut one thing out because I'm just making too many things and I'm not sure if I have enough time to make them all! Yipes!
But here goes:
My beloved Mashed Potato Layer Bake (with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes...but all you can taste is sweet, sweet cheese.)
My Almond Pear Cream Cheese Torte - so good.
An Asiago Pate which I've never made but it sounded good so why the heck not?
A Broccoli, Corn & Green Bean Saute
AND a Chocolate Caramel Explosion Cake.
Whew. I am going to be busy on Friday. Yeah, I don't know why I go nuts like this, but ... *Shrug* I enjoy cooking/baking. What can I say?
Anyway, I'm actually feeling quite tired and I foolishly said I would go to a body pump class tomorrow sooooo...that means I think I'll just go and relax now.
Bon nuit.


  1. what's cousin's christmas? do you get to celebrate christmas again a month after??? what's this phenomenon? wait, is this another one of those lunar calendar crazy things? :o)

  2. Cousin's Christmas is something that I came up with this year to get together with my cousins and have our own Christmas get together. It's fun because it's just the youngin's and so we can eat dessert first if we want! It's our first one and I'm hoping it'll become an annual tradition.
    We do it in January because it's less crazy for all of us.


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