Friday, January 6, 2006

common or uncommon?

What is with the phrase "common sense"? Because it doesn't seem to be too common. Seriously. How many times have you seen someone do something stupid or dumb and just shake your head in amazement at their lack of common sense. Clearly, common sense was not just dolled out in abudance to everyone. Rather, I think it was scooped out and given to a choice few who were destined to be frustrated with those around them who walk around in apparent ignorance - or at least laziness.
However, I am beginning to see that common sense has a lot to do with how you were raised. Maybe it's a genetic thing. Maybe if your parents (or at least one of them) has been generously scooped the gift of common sense then you have it - and notice how few others have "common" or as I see it now, UNcommon sense.
Simple things. Things that seem to just make sense. Uncommon sense.


  1. often times it seems as though such phrases as "common sense" or "normal" are coined because that's what people hope for, rather than being phrases that purely state the reality. it's not that "common sense" is common, but it sure seems like everyone hopes it is. or the phrase "normal", what is that? but it sure seems like everyone has a good idea of what that ideal is even though it may not be the reality. conclusion: people are hopeful.

  2. Hmmm... interesting point. I thinking about the times when people use the phrase "common sense". When said, I think it is more of a condensending way to make the point of, "You should have known better" because it is "common sense". Just like when people use the word normal they usually use it as a reference point to point out that the other things is not normal - but those discussion lead to discuss what is normal?

  3. haha. i was just having a conversation about this.
    like one of my high school teachers always said, "common sense isn't common."


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