Thursday, January 26, 2006


I only like packing because I'm moving to a fantastic apartment.
My own. My precious.
Thanks to the LCBO for providing unlimited boxes for all my packing needs.

Another thing I enjoy about packing is that I get to purge. Purging is a good thing. Throw out things you don't like and don't use and sometimes don't even know what they are. I have no problems with getting rid of things. I think sometimes I border being on the opposite end of a packrat. I throw out too MUCH. I throw out random nicknacks that I have no use for. I hate nicknacks. I throw out shampoo bottles that are half full and I haven't used them in a while. I throw out little jewellery boxes that I've had for forever that I don't really like especially because they clutter surfaces.
I hate clutter.
The one thing I won't throw out even though I have no use for is my old diaries and letters I've written and received. Reading back through old diaries and letters sheds light on what you've been through, how you've grown, old memories you've forgotten, some funny, some sad.
I don't think I'll ever throw those out.
I think that after I read The Diary of Anne Frank I always thought my diary would discovered and published.
I doubt that will happen.
At this point I'm probably glad it never was discovered.

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