Sunday, January 8, 2006

Phones and new apartments

I caved. I finally caved. For a couple months now my husband has been pleading, begging and sometimes whining about wanting the Rogers iTunes phone. And I've been strong. Steady. Resolute. Until I started looking around online and found the Rogers $100 package where you get your home phone, cable, internet and cell phone. For $100! Crazy. And then I started looking at the couples plan and started thinking that it'll be like having 2 phones for $40 which is what we're paying right now for 1 phone! So...I caved. I figure, I'll get a new phone for free because you have to buy one to get one free. And my husband will get his beloved iTunes phone. Other than the COST of the phone (which he'll have for a bajillion years - he better anyway), we're saving money.
Oh justification.
Anyway, here is the one I'm thinking of getting - because I don't really feel like getting one of those flip phones.

So I'm getting pretty pumped. Pumped about having my own cell again but also about having my own place again. I can't even describe how excited I am. 7 months of living with the in-laws has had some good times and it's been awesome to be in Toronto, but all in all, I will never do it again. I need my space. WE need our space. As a married couple.
I lay in bed last night and was overwhelmed with the thought that I am 24, married and living in a cat house (ya, there are 4 of them) with my in-laws. *Sigh* Less than a month, Vaness...Less than a month!
So tomorrow we're apartment hunting in Guelph and I am UBER excited. Hopefully we'll find "the one" and all will be well! Then there's the first/last months rent, the moving fees...but it'll all be worth it. I just know it. My own kitchen! I could go on...but I will watch, as my mother calls it, "Simpson". AKA, The Simpsons.
Oh mom.

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