Friday, January 27, 2006


God cares for His children.
The small, insignificant things in our lives - he cares about them!
I once had someone tell me that they didn't think God really bothered about the small things in our lives - or even who our spouse would be because they thought He had better things to do.
But I beg to differ. God cares deeply about the small happenings in our lives. It's in those small happenings that character and trust and faith are built up within us.
He surprises us with small blessings.
On Wednesday I prayed with a student and asked her to pray for our move and especially with U-Haul, that things would work out and that they wouldn't be an unnecessary hassle.
Today I got a call from a nearby U-Haul. Everything is going to work out fabulously. AND on top of it all, we get a bigger truck for the same price because that was all they had.
Thanks God. You really care about me and you love to see me smile.
Even at the little things.

2 more days until I move!!!

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