Thursday, January 19, 2006


I don't know if animals know the pleasure of being found after they have been lost. I know when I was little and I thought I lost my mother in the store my heart started racing and I went into panic mode. I searched desperately up and down each aisle until at long last I saw her. I was found. It was such a delicious feeling of relief.

Today I thought that my cat Stanley had run away. He's not an outside cat, but the other cats in this apartment are and so the window, quite frequently is left open. Stanley will wander out and about but always returns. So when it was 8pm and we realized that none of us had seen him all day I started to worry. Looking under beds and in closets and in all his favourite nooks and crannies. He was not to be found. And the window was open. I started having visions of seeing him dead on the road. Or maybe that someone saw him and thought him to be such a beautiful cat that they took him for their own. I went around with a flashlight calling his name out over and over again (he comes when he is called - and even used to play fetch!). Finally I returned inside only to find that he had come in and was in the kitchen eating. What a cat!
I'm glad he's safe and sound and in 10 days he'll have his own apartment, with no other cats and no windows to escape from.

Apartment coundown: 10 days

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  1. Erin told me this story, tonight, Vaness! I'm sorry you were scared for Stanley! I heard that you even had a dream about him after! lol aw



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