Tuesday, January 24, 2006


(As a precursor, my political views are my perogative. Feel free to comment, but not bash my views. Thanks!)

Stephen Harper is our new Prime Minister. And I helped vote him in. I did my duty, as did many people across Canada.
I'm still so surprised at the amount of people that voted Liberal. What were you thinking? So the Conservatives aren't perfect in every area. At least they didn't misuse millions of tax payer's money! It's like ... hmm let me think of a good one here ... it's like giving your home to the wrecking ball. You've seen what it can do and yet you're handing over your own home. What, are you hoping it won't do what's in its very nature to do - which is to wreck things? Destroy your home! Unbelieveable.
By voting for Liberal, regardless of what you think you are doing, you are telling the Liberals and all future parties that scandals are permissable. That they can get away with throwing away our money. That it's ok, try, try again. NO! It's a little late to be making mistakes of that magnitude when you are running a country!
I'll stop the rant, but I am glad that some people in Canada have an ounce of sanity and sense to vote in change. And if this government doesn't provide the change we need, vote in more change and more change until politicians see that we won't stop changing the government until Canada gets what is best for it.
We'll see how things go with the Conservative minority, though.

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  1. Preach it Sister!!

    It's about time we had some sensible leadership in Canada. (And don't get me started on the Liberals' social policies...


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