Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A historical day

Today was my first day ever as Campus staff...on campus! Today Jamie and I were on campus at the university of Guelph. It was a good day. Nothing spectacular happened, but nothing dreadful happened. There were times of awkwardness of not knowing what on earth I was supposed to be doing, but everyone was very friendly and very nice.
AND a shout out goes to all my secret blog stalkers (that means you Shelley!) that I just found out I had. How exciting.
I felt nervous this morning and a bit last night. Not knowing what I was going to be doing but knowing that it involved going out sharing and a whole bunch of meeting people that I didn't know. But it was good. I got to chat with some of the gals on staff and some other lovely gals and that's what I enjoy most. Building relationships and getting to know people.
And I realized another thing. Perhaps it IS a good thing that we are just starting off at 2 days a week. For me I think it gives me time to slowly sink my teeth into what is known as The Campus Ministry. Having pretty much ZERO experience in Canada this is giving me time to adjust and get a feel for how things work and what my days will look like.
I like flexibility.
I like building relationships. That's a thing I realized. I thought I liked meeting new people. It's not that I don't like meeting new people, it's just that I enjoy building relationships. It's the prospect of a beautiful relationship that I could build with this new person that is so exciting.
Ok, so I'll end this yawner of an entry, and I wish I could post the picture I took of me by the Guelph sign in the horrendous freezing rain, but I forgot my USB cable at home. Doh-eth.
I will update asap.
Oh and my darned picture blog is down. At least it was the last time I checked. I'm still waiting for Mr. Blogger to tell me how to fix it. Or at least for HIM to fix it. Whoever Mr. Blogger is.

Apartment countdown: t-minus 12 days


  1. hahahaha
    yeah yeah! that's me! just one in the name though. "shelly" :D
    so good to have you on campus! cuz 1) you're on our campus
    2) i felt like i've "lived" the support raising journey with ya. so now you're finally here! woot!
    i don't have blog stalker status anymore....cuz you actually know now...p.s. kirsten brought raisin glossettes to dg today. i think i ate about half the bag.

  2. Sorry about the double "e". :)
    As for the glosettes...SWEET. I think I want to go buy some now. *drooling*


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