Sunday, January 22, 2006


I knew that when I recognized my hopes for Cousin's Christmas and realizing how high they were, that I should probably expect an overall good time with the family. Needless to say we had lots of food (and GOOD food!) and I made my first turkey with my cousin Jocelyn.
And I spent a bit of fun times with the gals, but that was it. Some people there got stupid drunk and ultimately ruined it for the rest of us. I'm actually really upset and hurt about it all and feel that all my work and time I put into this weekend was ripped up and stomped on. It was a disgusting display of drunkeness and a horrible example to the younger cousins who were there. I hesitate to ever do anything with these people again.
Why don't people know their limit? Has no one ever told them how selfish and mean and incompetent they are when they are drunk? And that the only person that is having any "fun" is them! Especially at 5am after repeated polite requests to go to sleep as SOME people have a 2 hour drive home the next day. was good to see my girl cousins and my sister and I love them dearly. It just hurts to see people you love with people who don't treat them as well as they deserve to be treated. Yep. It hurts.
So that's my disappointing update on (quite possibly the first and last) Cousin's Christmas.

Apartment countdown: 7 days

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  1. sad to hear about your disappointment. family can be disappointing. hope you don't give up.


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