Monday, April 24, 2006


It seems like all I ever do is drive places.
Driving is ok, though. But it's incredible how sitting in one spot for a prolongued period of time is actually quite tiring. It's inevitable on a warm afternoon's long drive - I fall asleep. It happens every time. Thankfully I am not the one driving.
Friday night I drove to Whitby for a real live sleepover. Solid girl time, if you ask me. Also another chance to rave about how incredible Pride & Prejudice is. This was my second time watching it and I think I will purchase this gem of a film. I love absolutely EVERYTHING about that movie. But for more rants about my love of Pride & Prejudice check out April 3rd's entry.
But for the rest of the evening there were lots of laughs and a few good heart to hearts about grown up things like marriage and babies and all that good stuff...whew. Growing up indeed.
Saturday I drove back from Whitby at a very late hour indeed.
Sunday morning, bright and early my husband and I were off to Scarborough to speak at a Chinese church. Then in the evening after returning from Scarborough we went to Kitchener for small group.
Today at the resplendent hour of 6:30am I awoke to get ready for our drive to Newmarket to learn how to make websites!
What is it with us and driving to the EAST side of Toronto (and beyond!)?
Anyhoo...I will be lacking a husband for the next few days as he will be driving to Kentucky!
Drive indeed!
I could go on about other random happenings but I don't think I have the mental concentration to do so at this point in time.


  1. I am officially moving out of the 'blogstalker' realm. This is a comment. It was fun times moving stuff today, it wasn't Mungo at all.

  2. heh. I'm glad I wasn't connected with something mungo...
    Thanks so much for your help today Vanessa! I really appreciate it.


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