Monday, April 3, 2006


Well, I can check off at least one movie from my list of movies to see.
Pride and Prejudice.
It was a goodie.
I quite enjoyed it. So many different things about it appealed to me.
First of all, I appreciated the costumes and sets. Certain scenes were so breathtaking I felt so drawn into the movie.
For example, the scene where Kiera Knightly's character (Elizabeth) is standing in a long, flowing dress at the edge of a cliff surrounded by rolling, rich, green hills. It's a beautiful scene.
Oh and I loved the scene where she is walking to Mr. Bingly's house to meet her sister. There is a large sillouette of a tree and she is walking along the ridge of a hill with an incredible purple and blue sky in the back ground.
I also loved the colours and the way they dressed the character and their surroundings to help convey a certain mood or atmosphere; like when Elizabeth is in Mr. Darcy's home looking at all the statues and she is wearing a white dress, her face plain and her hair dark. The walls are either white or beige and everything is so neutral except her dark hair and eyes.
And then the love story of it all.
I resisted "liking" Mr. Darcy for so long but eventually I caved.
It was a good story with some really profound (as Andrea said) scenes/statements.
The whole enjoyment of the movie, however was brought down a bit due to the fact that I was watching with a) boys and b) other people who kept talking. So I think I will watch it again. Soon.
Overall, I'd recommend this movie.
OH! And the part that I liked THE MOST was the fact that there was no sexually explicit scenes. This, however doesn't mean that there were scenes filled with sexual tension. It's incredible how Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth did nothing more than talk (until the very end) and yet there was an incredible amount of passion and physical attraction. It was very emotionally charged.
Anyway...that's my take. I recognize that others may not like it which is the great thing about movies. They're subjective. And everyone's free to like or dislike any type of genre or even actor/actress.
But that's enough for one post.


  1. Such a beautiful movie. I love everything about it.

  2. oh I loved it (BBC is still the best version though)... and I started using phrases in my week like "I have sworn to loathe you for all eternity!"

  3. we should spend the 6 hours and watch the old mini series with *SIGH* collin firth....*SIGH*

    love sab


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