Thursday, April 20, 2006


Today was spent enjoying the city of Guelph and all it has to offer. Well, possibly not all it has to offer, but I would say 42% of what it has to offer. That 42% consists of meeting up with Andrea, Emily and then sorta getting lost on our way to pick up Erika. Followed by a most delightful trip to THE CONE SHOPPE and more: The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience.
And let me tell you, it most definitely was the ultimate ice cream experience. I am currently kicking myself for not bringing my camera along for the ride, but hopefully my words can recreate the joy I experienced at THE CONE SHOPPE. I walked into this tiny store to find so many different flavours of delectable ice cream including the ones I picked; Cappucino Biscotti and Rolo Peanut Butter. Oh baby...pure heaven right there in that goregeous hand-rolled waffle cone. And for $2.50 I was laughin'.
Then we went for a stroll beside the river and had a few photo opp's as well as standing on the "historical" wooden bridge (which we found out was only built in 1992 - so much for being historical!).
Then we proceded to a used book store which is closing down and although I didn't actually buy any books, I think I may return to browse for another hour or so and perhaps buy a cooking book or something else even!
All in all, a wonderful Guelph-filled afternoon with some wonderful women!


  1. 2.50! nice!! yummm....ive got some smarties ice cream in my fridge right tempted...i think i might give cream....yummy.

  2. Funny you should mention that "shoppe" I was just thinking when we drove past it last week that I'd like to pop in there some time. Now it's more than a passing thought. Thanks for the "tip!" BTW, where is that bookstore? Any kids books?


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