Saturday, April 22, 2006


For the longest time I didn't quite understand the whole "google-your-name-and-"needs"-and-this-is-what-you-get" THING. But I think I got it. And this is what came up when I tried it with my name:
Vanessa needs to know about Italy, most specifically reasonable, clean hotels in Venice, Florence and Rome.
Vanessa needs to be empowered to provide for herself and her children.
Vanessa needs to achieve independance.
Vanessa needs to study for the SAT but keeps blowing it off to make extra money working at a coffee house.
Vanessa needs validation from her friends to feel that life is worth living.
Vanessa needs the senator’s spring schedules.
Vanessa needs guidance.
Vanessa needs our prayers.
Vanessa needs no introduction.
Vanessa needs a sense of humour. (Ouch!)
And my favourite because of how absurdly bizarre it is:
Vanessa needs to get her alcoholic mother into detox, or to chase down another Krispy Kreme with another licorice Twizzler.
What does that even mean?


  1. Heh. That last one is quite bizzarre!

    If you think that's interesting, try typing in your full name in a Google search.

  2. Vanessa!
    I had to go through a long process to find your blog, because I knew you had one, but didn't kno wwhat it was called

    Well I am in the middle of nowehre in the Sahara desert and last night my deam was entirely about you..twas bizarre. I needed to talk to you about something, so I barged into your house, and we chatted for several hours. Then you cooked something for me, I have no idea what it was but I have a visual in my brain

    Just thought Id share that



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