Monday, April 10, 2006


Friday night was the CCC Guelph semi-formal.
It was a fantastic night. I got to sit beside Kirsten & Jamie at the special "MC" table.

It was a really good night!
Of course, it all started out with our table being named "Inconceivable" but just like that picture with the old lady and the young lady, all we could see was "Inconcernable" which is clearly not a word! As hard as we tried, we just couldn't see "Inconceivable", even after I dotted the "i".

And of course it was so great to see the DG gals all gussied (a fantastic word that should have been on my words list) up and looking just b-e-a-UTIFUL!

But my favourite (and least expected) part was square dancing! What a workout that was! It was also hilarious, fun, exciting, sweaty, silly, fast, and hilarious (I know I already wrote it, but it was sooooo much fun!). Here are some pics of the evening to enjoy!

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