Tuesday, April 4, 2006


It all started off in a somewhat discouraging manner.
I had set my alarm to go off at a somewhat early/reasonable time for me to go for a run and then have a good quiet time and get into the habit of doing both of those things.
I felt good about that decision.
And then I woke up at 10am. My alarm didn't go off. I had set the time but failed to actually turn it on.
That was a bummer.
As I raced around the house like a mad woman I seriously hoped that this was not a sign of things to come during this day.
And thankfully it wasn't.
I met with Andrea. Planned our last DG. Had a coffee. Went to Ashley and Rebecca's DG. Took crazy pictures of their group and laughed when they all collapsed in some messed-up tangle of a pose. Met up with Andrea again and went to Starbucks to write notes of encouragement in the journals we got for the girls. Ran into Jen (not literally) at Starbucks and had brief moments of openness that I think really touched us all. Me at least.
It sure is nice to be open with others and have a realization that you are not alone in your struggles.
Then almost died several times following Kirsten with 3 of the ladies in her DG and then went for curry-in-a-hurry. It was delish. I had the lamb vindaloo that was hot +. Not hot ++, but I definitely could have done that. I will next time. Good times. Lots of laughter and they actually voted me "most normal". Because they don't know me (as Kirsten stated so aptly). Which is true.
Oh they'll recant (not recantER) their statement of normalness...one day.
All in all, a good day, though I'm disappointed in my lack of run and lack of gymness. The gym SHOULD be open until like...11 or 12. That would be ideal.


  1. and I'm sorry I almost got you all killed! Bad driving...I got flustered when I had to turn around...

  2. and aren't you GLAD they're going to find out you're not normal? Who wants to be NORMAL???

  3. Haha, that's ok. I appreciated the drive - I was just flaunting my stick-shift driving skills anyway. Turns out I almost stalled twice and then tried to reverse with the e-brake still on. *cough*
    And I know I definitely do NOT want to be normal.
    Normalness is overrated.
    So I'm waiting for the opportune (sp?) moment to expose myself as the freak that I am...


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