Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I know it's Tuesday but I really wanted to at least write a quick blurb on Saturday evening's Fellowship Dinner.
In the words of Ben Joliffe, "If I wasn't already involved, I'd sign up!". It was such an inspiring evening and so incredibly encouraging. The stories, the testimonies, the report and stats of what went on over this past year...what an amazing organization I am called to. What a priviledge that God is using CCC the way He is to impact the world and help fulfill the Great Commission!
I was mostly encouraged by my parent's reaction and excitement to the whole evening. I think they finally get it! Not that they were ever against me working with CCC, but I think they have caught the vision and really see that God is moving. And not just moving, but moving MIGHTILY across Canada through the universities.
Man! It's exciting!
And I was on powerpoint and I was so nervous while I was doing it, that I was shaking. I had to make sure the mouse wasn't on the button or else I might have accidently clicked it because of my nervousness.
But...*sigh* it all went well, except for a few minor panic attacks that I had that apparently no one else seemed to notice. *Thanks God!*
And now I'm so incredibly full from a delicious and fun dinner out at Montana's with Kirsten, Jen , Andrea and Jamie. Good times! :D
And I think I'll read now.

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  1. Montana's food poisoned me! I was sick all night...


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