Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Treat pic of the month

Dudes! I just realized that I can do another treat pic! I'm pumped.
Of course, without a doubt it's got to be Cadbury's mini eggs.
I loved mini eggs. The chocolate is so creamy and tastes absolutely delicious! The hard candy coating is just the right thickness and is also fun to crunch and take off the chocolate so you can suck that little delectable morsel of chocolatey goodness down 'til it's miniscule! (I love my mini eggs!).
Some facts about the mini egg.
Apparently Cadbury has been owned and operated by Hershey's since 1988! What the? I certainly didn't know that!
Also, you can get them (in Canada only as far as I know) in Christmas colours as well! Twice a year to enjoy this glorious treat!
Check out this dude's site for more ravings on the amazingness of Cadbury Mini Eggs!
That's all for me! Go out and get your package today!


  1. Minieggs are really good when melted down and used as fondue. Sorry I got a little excited when reading this post.

  2. yeah minieggs!! the only easter candy that I'll tolerate because easter should NOT be about candy... but this one is so good it makes me like a certain *small* part of commercialized easter.

    I didn't know it was available in christmas too... mmm... but once again, not the point of christmas but very good to know nonetheless.


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