Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It's nice to be settled. It's also nice to have a clean house.
I'm pretty messy. But it sure does feel good to go to sleep in a clean house.
It's funny how we always clean before people come over. Just so that it can get all messy again.
That's ok. I'm actually partial to a full, messy house than an empty, clean one.
Bring on the peeps! (and I don't mean those delightful marshmallow birds, although I welcome any gifts of them :D)


  1. ha! and get one you shall! :D:D:D
    thanks for having us over vaness...and jamie too except we kicked him out....

  2. I like how you did the pic...looks good...tell Jamir he should set up a Tanz boys night there sometime soon..;)


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