Monday, November 17, 2008

Here we go again!

I took a test this morning trying not to get my hopes up. (An impossible task. They were up.)
A positive test was the result! I'm pregnant again!
I left the test on the counter for Jamie to see and later that morning we were both getting ready in the bathroom and he said, "Babe? Are you pregnant? I don't understand that thing." I laughed and said, "Yep." He was pretty happy.
So that's that. Very exciting and we're looking forward to the continued expansion of our family!
According to an online pregnancy due date predictor, I am due July 24th 2009, so we'll see!
I have a Doctor's appt tomorrow and am already confirmed as a client with the midwives again.
I will always feel apprehensive due to my previous miscarriage before Noah, but I don't think I'm living in fear. Cautiously optimistic.
And then there were four!


  1. alright. Let's talk names Vaness. Last time you did not against all odds choose the name I decided would be fit: Joel.
    I think you should consider the name for this time if the li'l one is a boy. If not, Joelle works well. Consider it. We'll talk later.
    Also, I'm hoping she is a girl. That's right.. I can feel it. ahaah jk.

  2. Oooo, name talking. I won't lie. I'm obsessed. Of course I can't give away my very favourites (I think we have different styles anyway). So names....Suz, Joelle is really sweet. How about Noelle (since you already have a Jo-). Gabrielle/Gabriel? I could see that with your growing little family!

  3. And I take back part of my previous message because it is the No- you already have, not the Jo- haha. I'm not really sure what i was thinking. So Joelle is cute!

  4. I know, I really like the name Noelle but that's ridiculously close to Noah so that's out. I'm trying to also stay away from "N" names. I never understand when parents name their kids with the same starting letter. Crazy!
    I do like the name may creep into the running.
    So far nothing set in stone like with Noah when we knew from the beginning his name would be Noah (if he was a boy). We'll see I guess! :)

  5. Well, how about Nellie? Nina? Nicky?...haha or there's always Gimli!! and don't forget Vidyia...she'd love that! or Paul? ahhh, now that's a great name with heritage!..oh nevermind, you did a great job the first time...!!

  6. For some reason, I'm partial to the name "Jake."

    Congrats, Vanessa, and God bless!

  7. I have a strong feeling you're having a girl.

  8. Mel: I like Jake...but I'd name him that, not Jacob.

    Kirsten...I like your strong feelings. :) I have a feeling it's a boy. But I have no real reason to feel that way. So we'll see. We'll likely find out (I think in Feb or March?).

  9. Whoops. I'm logged in as Jamie. The previous comment was actually me!


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