Monday, November 17, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

So Meal Plan Monday (also known as Mexican Monday or No Makeup Monday in my little world) was a bit of a write off. Yesterday I didn't get a chance to make up a meal plan (or at least was a teeny bit tired/lazy) though I did think through what I could possibly make.
So here's what I've got so far for the rest of the week:
Crockpot Tuesday
Beef stew
Pasta Wednesday
Frozen Pasta Shells from 2 weeks ago (yes!)
Fish Thursday
? Not sure
Soup & Salad Friday
Um...maybe a broth-type soup but maybe Pumpkin Soup since I've got 2 cans of it in my cupboard.
We just finished dinner and Noah is half-slouching on the ground leaning up against pillows that are near the couch. He's in a daze watching Curious George (seriously - every parent needs one show that their child would stop everything, sit and watch for at least 15 minutes) - the tv show, not the movie. It just so happens to be narrated by William H. Macy. Not a HUGE fan of Mr. Macy, but it holds Noah's attention so I'm not complaining.

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