Saturday, November 8, 2008

Soup and Salad, anyone?

Yesterday I made butternut squash soup (as per the meal plan for this week) and it was AMAZING! Seriously, I am not a gigantic fan of butternut squash, but this soup was gourmet (in the words of my friend Jen). I would DEFINITELY make it again and on top of it all, I bought a hand mixer that you just mix right in the pot to save time and unecessary dirtying of pots and pans. So I'm pumped to make my own soup a lot more as well as salad dressings and fun stuff like that. (Yes, there is ravioli in the soup - the recipe called for it and so I did and it tasted delish as well as filling me up more than just having a bowl of soup).


  1. So are you going to give the recipie?! You can't just tell people how great it is and then leave us wanting more. And since i live a little too far away to just show up for dinner, i will have to resort to making it myself...
    Kimberly :o)

  2. oooh, i am about to email you another GREAT soup recipe that your hand blender will come in super-handy for.


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