Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ikea and Christmas

I went to Ikea today and bought a bookshelf and a bin thingy to help with toy organization. (On a side note, I did this ALL BY MYSELF. Lugged a gigantic box of wood and a smaller but still heavy other box AND a 30 lb toddler. I.Am.Amazing. I just have to tell myself that sometimes. Anyway...I digress.) (Oh and two great things: 1. I found an Ikea gift card I had forgotten about and 2. I got Noah's baby bonus in the mail yesterday. Purchasing large items and having to pay FAR less is so much more rewarding and exciting!)
Ugh. Toys. Childrens books. They are EVERYWHERE! So I thought that with the coming of Christmas this could help me be preemptive in preparing for the enslaught of more toys and books.
And to think...all this for ONE KID! Ridiculous.
Anyway, so I am pretty happy about the set up although I haven't yet built the bookcase. We'll see once it's all put together and set up.
We also set up our Christmas tree this evening so this cuts into Noah's play area. We'll see how that goes and how annoyed I am by the end of the Christmas season of saying, "No touch, Noah".
Oh dear.
Nonetheless...I am pleased with the temporary Christmas set up.


  1. noah weighs THIRTY POUNDS!?

    how did you make such a hefty boy!?

  2. Ahh, that looks like a really good solution! I like the large bins!


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