Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's true, it's true

I got confirmation of my pregnancy at the doctor's office today and my doctor said my due date is July 22nd, 2009. (We'll see, though.)
I also called the midwifery clinic and already got in! We have Carol as our secondary midwife and Heather as our primary midwife. Carol was our primary last time with Noah but was actually unable to be at his birth. However, Heather was a back up midwife and SHE was at the birth.
So our first midwife appointment is December 11th and I am going to go for an ultrasound around 8 weeks (so a few more weeks) just to have a bit of peace of mind.
It definitely hasn't sunk in yet...but it's very exciting.
If we could wait, we'd tell family at Christmas, but there's no way we can wait that long. :)

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