Monday, November 3, 2008

stop me now

I honestly think I could eat 1 Reece's peanut butter cup every 5 minutes for the rest of my life and not get sick of them.


  1. ahhahaahhaah oh man. good stuff. I appreciated your blogs today

  2. correction:
    I appreciated your blog entries today.

    Also my word verification is: Pologeek. it's funny.

  3. dude i so feel you on that one

  4. Oh the Suz. I'm pretty sure we are the same person.
    No joke.
    I LOVE getting funny word verification and I'm pretty sure I've told someone in a comment what mine was.
    Also...I ♥ your blog entries every day. Why don't you live in Guelph again?

  5. YIPEE YOU PUT ME ON YOUR "peering into their lives" WOOOOOO
    I know Andrew and I should live in Guelph. I like you beaucoup!


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