Friday, November 12, 2010

Get ready to die a sweet, sweet death {from diabetes or heart failure}

The first time I heard about The Pioneer Woman it was in direct relation to her to-die-for Cinnamon Rolls. That was months (and months?) ago and I finally got around to making them yesterday.
They were so worth it. Noah and I split one pan. I gave the other two away {and still have 1/2 the dough sitting in the fridge waiting for more butter and cinnamon before I start round 2}.
I got The Pioneer Woman Cooks for my birthday and decided to follow the recipe from a real live cookbook rather than the internet.
I got to step 3 before I realized I had already screwed it up {or at least I thought I had}. Unfortunately, due to the slightly overwhelming layout of pictures accompanying each direction {which works amazingly on her website, but in her book...well, lets just say I learned my lesson} I read the directions from Left to Right instead of going up and down the columns, following the numbers posted below each picture.
So I didn't add the yeast when I was supposed to.
I quickly realized my error and hastily added in the yeast and hoped for the best.
Then I realized I also forgot the salt.
So I added that in too. {And again, hoped for the best.}

Then I facebooked my woes and had many lovely people give me virtual back pats and I felt much better afterward. {And hoped for the best.}

Let's be honest, friends. It was a rookie mistake. But {get ready for this}...I've never made bread before. Or any kind of bread {other than quick breads like cakes or muffins}. So I had no idea what to do with the yeast.
But...check out these beauties:

Before icing amazingness.

After icing amazingness.

I think it's safe to say that my rookie mistake did not hurt the outcome too badly.
Seriously. YUM.

Psst...stay tuned for my {gasp} modifications on her recipe!


  1. Oh, my. I want to die that sweet, sweet death.

  2. Why don't I live in Toronto?!? (Or you live in Guelph?) I promise, you come and visit and I will make you some. And we can both sit {or run around the room} in a sugar coma together.

  3. I've been hearing about these forever too! I may just have to make them next week while we are visiting family for Thanksgiving...

  4. @Elaine - DO IT! (But good call on doing it around family. That way you don't eat them all!)


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