Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the joy of learning

I think one of the best things about being a parent is watching your child learn. Whether it's learning to roll over or crawl or walk or eat with utensils or cut with scissors or create art or read, it really doesn't matter; it's just a lot of fun to watch your kid learn.

Lately Noah has been drawing people. Requirements for a drawn person by Noah:
1. a large, somewhat round head.
2. eyes - often more than 2
3. legs {i was surprised that legs came before arms for him - no reason, really. it's just interesting to see the progression}
4. hair {sometimes - but i love his drawn hair - lots of vertical lines. love.}

Today Noah made a person out of Play-Doh. It had eyes and a mouth {!} and two toothpicks sticking out of the head {i'm not sure if they were arms or legs}.

"Cheese". Noah & Play-Doh Guy.

Hannah & Noah - BFFs.

I'm sure it seems uninteresting to you because he is not your child, but I am amazed and joyfully anticipate his drawings now that they are actually taking some sort of decipherable shapes/objects.


  1. BAH so cute, he looks so proud holding up his play-doh guy!

  2. I think the hair was always my favourite part of your drawings too!


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