Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 blessings

I'm so blessed.

Even though Jude is in a hitting phase {wherein he hits only his brother and as hard as he can!} and Noah often screams this ear-piercing scream whenever Jude approaches his beloved puzzles.
Even though Jude hangs off my pant leg when I'm trying to make dinner and Noah is sometimes whiney and asks to watch tv many, many times a day.

I'm blessed to have these two children in my life. They make me laugh and smile. They teach me to wonder and take joy in the little things.
They make me strive to be more creative, to really SEE the beauty in things, to love and pray more.
When I see them hug, when I watch Noah share his favourite toy with Jude and teaches Jude to say "truck" or "book"...

My heart.

it goes.


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