Monday, November 29, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday: on the road

For some reason it's become increasingly difficult to be on top of this whole "Muffin Tin Monday" thing, but today I managed to remember, despite the fact that we were at my Mom's house today {waiting for Jamie to come home! Woo!}.
So I present to you, Muffin Tin Monday: on the road!

Top row: 3 "sticks" of cheddar cheese {which Noah dipped in the strawberry yogurt and ate. Um...okay.}, multigrain cheerios, some Ikea letter cookies, a Clementine orange
Bottom row: a few nuts and raisins, strawberry yogurt, some raspberries, dried fruit

By the end of the day most of this had disappeared, but due to the fact that this was an 8 muffin tin, instead of our usual 6 and that Noah {and I} just finished a rather nasty bout of a stomach bug, I give him credit for eating what he did. {A double dairy dip? No thanks.}

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  1. Double dairy dip NO? Come on I do recall you scooping icecream off your cone with a chunk of cheese at Balderson with me ;)


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