Monday, November 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday for the win!

After a couple weeks of missing it, we're back at it again; Muffin Tin Monday!

Meals {it really doesn't matter which one these days} have been a bit of a battle lately with Noah. Even today we had a minor meltdown, but overall, I count this as a success because ALL the food got eaten. By Noah.

So we have:
Top row: slices of green pepper, half a banana {the source of the meltdown}, "sticks" of cucumbers
Bottom row: vanilla yogurt {his favourite part of this particular Muffin Tin Monday}, leftover sausage, chunks of granola bar.

I think the reason Muffin Tin Monday works so well is because it's small amounts of food. The food is all separated from each other. And the food is usually presented in a fun/cute way. Usually that spells success for any toddler/preschooler {heck, I'd like someone to make ME a muffin tin meal!}. 
So we keep on!


  1. love the muffin tin, always makes me munchie :) PS you should add a "strickly photos" section to this blog...for um, those not on crackbook? haha! just a (selfish) suggestion!

  2. Vanessa - I saw this when you first posted it and I have to give you a HIGH FIVE!!! Kyler just loves it... we do it at least once, sometimes twice a week. So easy and so fun!


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