Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm not sure what it is lately, but my heart is softening. {and I'm glad.}

Yesterday in the car I was explaining to the boys {mostly Noah since Jude was making weird breathy noises while rooting around for wayward Cheerios} about Operation Christmas Child and how we were going to fill up a shoe box with wonderful toys and gifts for a little boy who wouldn't be getting anything for Christmas this year.
I had to pause as I told Noah that he sometimes might not have enough money for food and his tummy gets hungry more than his (Noah's) does because I was gulping back sobs at the thought of this child and what situation he might be living in.

Today at the gym I cried watching a Canadian Tire commercial of a family surprising their elderly mother with outdoor Christmas decorations. {Okay so I'm a sucker for commercials...}

I'm looking into and for more worthy causes to give toward and to inspire others to give to as well. Companies like 31bits enabling women in Northern Uganda to make a living by making jewellery. And TOMs Shoes giving away a pair of shoes for every shoe that is bought. There's Samaritan's Purse, Living Water and World Vision. The list goes on and on! {If you know of any websites, organizations, companies that are doing amazing things and offer ways to partner with them, please leave a comment!}

My heart is softening.
It is hard. It is painful. But it's so much better than being cold and uncaring. Because I was there. I still am, sometimes. But I want to feel love and compassion. I want to show my boys how much greater it truly is to give than it is to receive. I want to lead by example.


  1. The Christian and Missionary Alliance also have a gift catalogue


    and click on the Gift Catalogue

  2. agree with above person. Because they actually teach the children about Jesus.

  3. Thanks, friends! I've added some links on the side so people can check them out.
    @Jenna - I love that video. This is the 2nd year I've watched it and it never ceases to convict and re-center me on Christ.


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