Monday, November 15, 2010

He did it his way

This morning after breakfast I was playing with Jude in the kitchen and I got him to let go of the table while he was standing. He was free standing! Then he sat down and stood up by himself without holding onto anyone or anything! I clapped and cheered like only a mother can over such a small accomplishment.
He smiled so proudly and continued to do it over and over again.
Jamie eventually came downstairs to find out what the commotion was all about.
Jude had another cheerleader and was as proud as a peacock!
Later that morning we went to the Y and I dropped the boys off in the playcare center. After my workout I went to pick them up and I walked in to see Jude standing, bopping up and down and clapping along with the song the staff were singing. I just about died. It was seriously the cutest thing ever.
Of course he refused to do it for either of our friends when I tried to get him to do it later today. So classic.
Oh Jude. You make me smile.
He wants to do things his way and in his own time. He won't walk, but I'm convinced he totally could right now if he wanted to. So maybe he'll walk next week, maybe next month. When he wants to, it'll happen.

{In the meantime, I need to get his standing skills on video!}


  1. so cute :) I can see him bopping in my head!

  2. Way to go Jude!! I know that proud mama feelin'!! enjoy it!


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