Thursday, November 25, 2010


i love a busy house.

when my house is full of people, laughter, food, noise

when it's full of love, warmth, little hands and feet, toys

these are the days i want to remember.

Jen's daughter Naomi, Bekki & her daughter Calli and Jude playing in the living room (Jen, her other 2 kids and Noah were also there, but not in this picture)

the little friendships that have started between these precious little boys and girls

i hope they last for a long, long time.

someone once said

never be ashamed of your home and never let your circumstances stop you from offering hospitality 

i think those are very wise words. i want to live by those words. 

what are you doing this Christmas season to show hospitality?


  1. wish i lived closer so you could show hospitality to me! :) miss you, vanessa!

  2. i LOVE that you posted this and totally agree. Nothing is more off-putting than a person who invites you over only to apologize for their messy house... Especially moms, because a messy house is nearly a given :)

    Though I don't 100% agree with circumstances not letting you show hospitality being a bad thing... I think there are seasons, and sometimes you're in a season where you need to be shown hospitality instead of giving it. But maybe when you have the gift of hospitality it's never a burden... what do you think?

  3. I'm that person who apologizes! :)

  4. Good thoughts Em.
    I agree, I believe there are seasons for being able to give. Last year was a season of learning to receive for me.
    This year my capacity has blown wide open and I'm LOVING being able to give and have people in our house - I wish it were more often in fact!

    I am learning NOT to apologize and just offer warmth, good conversation and yummy food. :)

    I'm guessing "circumstances" is referring to the size or location of your house - if it's big, small, downtown, in the 'burbs, awesome decor, only a few lawn chairs. Because ultimately it's not the decor that makes hospitality - it's the friendship and sincerity of spirit.

    I also think that even when we are in a rough stage of life there are ways we "give" and offer hospitality to others, we may just not recognize it at the time? I'm not sure on that one, though.
    I think Ecclesiastes has something to say about "times" and "seasons". :)


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