Wednesday, July 20, 2011

get on your boots

tomorrow my sister (the lovely and talented photographer that she is) will be doing a family photo shoot for us before we move.
thanks to Pinterest (oh Pinterest, you are full of lovely ideas and a very good time waster.) i found some inspiration for some poses, props and outfits. 

love the apples and the red barn background.

ties! love.

oh this looks like such a fun family. 

the setting + their outfits = awesome.

so this morning i took the boys to Good Will to see if i could find any treasures.
it took some searching and if you've got young kids {ahem...boys} you'll know what it looks like to "search" in a store {basically it looks like racing up and down the aisles as fast as possible while at the same time keeping your eagle eyes on the lookout while also sweet talking your kids into behaving and engaging with them to see what they can find - my boys liked the hats and the little animal nicknacks.}.
in the end, i think i did come out with some great finds.
i got 2 dress shirts - one for each of the boys; we'll roll up the sleeves for a beachy look - both from old navy as well as a pair of gorgeous brown ankle boots for me (for $9!).
i know. ankle boots aren't really summery but i honestly could not resist. i've got some plans for these babies and our photo shoot tomorrow.

now to prepare my kids. you can dress 'em up, but you can't make 'em smile. 
but we can definitely be flexible and have fun. 
so hopefully we get the fun and the smiles. 
here's hoping!


  1. ACK!!! First off LOVE those boots SO pumped you found some stuff. Second thanks for the shout out hehe I may have to get some upgrades soon if I get more "business" and thirdly thanks for posting this so I have an idea of what you like :) Hopefully all will turn out aka smiling, sharp, dynamic, emotion-portraying photos of a loving and super hip family :) aka u guys!

  2. i CANNOT wait to see the results and then PLASTER the strickland family photo shoot on my refrigerator.

    ps: mama jasoomani misses the boys.


  3. Bean - of course I'd link to you! :)
    You're totally going to be prostar. In fact, I'm a little (teeny bit) jealous that you are so much better than I in such a short amount of time. You rock! :D

    Aban - YES. Also, I love your Mom. She's the bomb. And I miss you. Already! xo

  4. oooh, have fun! I can't wait to see the results.


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