Sunday, July 17, 2011

more noah funnies

today during the boys' bath time, noah and i got talking about men and women and being married.
it went something like this:

n: and one day when i become a man i'll have kids too!

me: well, if you want kids, you'll have to get married so they can have a mommy.

n: so i'll marry you!

me: aw, that's sweet noah, but i'm already married to daddy. so you'll have to marry someone else.

n: what about auntie jen?

me: *laughs* nope, she's married to uncle graham.

n: what about miss jen?

me: nope. she's married to mr. nick!
you know how you have friends like hannah b and hannah t and leah? well when you become a man, they will become women. so maybe one day you'll marry one of them.

n: yeah. like hannah t. 

noah thinks about this for a bit longer and then becomes distracted by jude playing with the bubbles. jude flops on his belly in the bathtub and laughs. noah does the same and laughs as well.

n: i think i'll just marry jude.

oh kids. i love their innocence. i love the lack of filter. i love being a mommy.


  1. Haha! Loves it. Kyler was proclaiming he would marry me as well. Also, that he would be rowing up into a Mommy, then a Daddy, then a singer, than a artist. :D


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