Saturday, July 2, 2011


{Not to be confused with Judaism}

Some things I don't want to forget that Jude says/does:

Nama & Gumpa = Grandma & Grandpa

On his baby bike he's either pumping his little legs saying "Fast! Fast! Fast!" or after getting in a good push he'll put his legs up in the air and ride out the push until he stops.

Mama up! {melt my heart}

He loves pressing buttons, turning knobs, pointing out fans, opening cupboards, pulling out cheerios, throwing his food on the floor {grrrrr}, tunnels {seriously, he loves tunnels}, cats, his bunny, swings, slides and climbing up onto anything.
He doesn't like being chased {it freaks him out}, getting his hair wet, getting "too close" to dogs, cheese, when Noah's playing with a toy that he wants {which is almost all the time} and getting his diaper changed {although he did just learn how to say "bum cream" this week}.

Neeno = Noah {I absolutely love that he calls Noah "Neeno"}

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