Friday, July 22, 2011

photo shoot

oh heat wave. you are hot. and wavey.

anyway, so apparently we picked the hottest day for a photo shoot. outside. with the humidity it was 46 degrees celcius (117 degrees farenheit!). 
oh. and i forgot jude's shorts at home. and all my bribery snacks. 
but we still went out (jude in pajama shorts) and braved the weather.
it was hot.
and my sister did such a great job - especially with two moderately grumpy kids and all of us being generally hot and sweaty.
we will likely try again before jude's birthday party, but for now, enjoy this little beauty:

"blue steel" (too bad jude didn't participate - he's got a killer blue steel look)
(also, i really want this to be the picture for our prayer card. but it probably won't be. because while my jawline looks incredible, there are far cuter ones of the kids and jamie.)


  1. Y'all are such an adorable family! Hope you'll share more shots with us.

  2. i was going to say the same thing about your jawline!!!


    amazingly hot tamale momma right there.

  3. Thanks Chicas. :)
    Not going to lie, I had to show it off somewhere! :D

  4. so. can it be MY prayer card? i want this one. i know, i don't get to pick...but in my world i do.


  5. wow, that is hot!! The weather, I mean LOL. We haven't gotten above 25 degrees C here yet this year!
    Love the blue guys are really good at it :)

  6. haha!!
    so fun!
    and great picture by the way, you all look wonderful and you'd never guess it was a blazing furnace (bravo to Jamie on the no pit stains)


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