Friday, July 15, 2011


God is so good.
you know when people say that and you're all,

really? that's so cliche.

but you know when you say it and feel like sobbing at how good He really is and how overwhelming His goodness is in your life?
Jesus is totally and completely all-consuming and everything i need. and He's been reminding me of His goodness is sweet, sometimes subtle ways.

like in a book given to me by a wonderful, wise woman. or a book i've already blogged about. or from His Word here. and here. and here. and through a song on the radio.
and every sunday at church i'm just a mess because He is speaking so clearly and ministering to me and preparing me for this crazy adventure i'm about to go on.

i am learning about trusting Him. for everything. to be everything. in everything.
i am learning to thank Him. for everything. in everything. because He is. everything.


  1. oh my goodness- I just read that Helen Roseveare trilogy before we came to Uganda too! How in the world?? I hope we can be friends in real life soon :)


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