Friday, July 22, 2011

my random life

just now i walked into my room to find noah in his "quiet time" sprawled on my bed with books covering his entire body - even his head.
he peeks out from under the books and says,
mom, i'm not done yet.
i tell him i know and asks him if he wants some music. he says yes. and then he says,
and then go back out, mom.
well alrighty then.
i ask him what he's doing and he says,
being quiet.
um, okay. sounds good to me. strange child.

also this happened today:

and i wish i had my camera with me last night at 10pm at the beaches jazz festival. noah was shaking his booty and grooving to all the big band jazz. it was awesome.
the kid has some sweet moves!

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  1. haha what a random kid! Where was all that spunk at 5pm? haha jk, I love that kid. Also have photos for you tomorrow if I can get a cd to burn them onto :)


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