Saturday, July 9, 2011

like, not just love

i took off my engagement ring the other day.
women in uganda don't wear engagement rings and quite a few don't wear wedding bands.
i'm already getting used to how it feels.

today we went down to the beach and
it does me good to be there.
jude fell asleep a few minutes before we got there so jamie and noah went for a walk along the boardwalk while i sat in the car and read my bible and listened to mumford & sons and watched two different cars parallel park with perfect execution.
the breeze was a little bit of heaven blowing in through our open car windows.

once jude was awake we had a picnic lunch consisting of boardwalk hotdogs and some of the best fries i've had in awhile.


it was nice to just be our family. and i like our family. not just love them. but i like them too. i enjoy being together.
just us.

later on we spent some time with family friends that we've gotten together {multiple times a year} with since jamie and i were dating {and they were getting together long before that without me!} and made some more fun memories and said our good-byes and were incredibly blessed by their generosity and thoughtfulness.

we are so blessed.

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