Thursday, July 21, 2011

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farmer's tans.
no, scratch that. i don't love farmer's tans. 
but both my boys have 'em.
because they're almost always in a t-shirt. 
hence, my love for sleeveless shirts.
and specifically for younger kids - rompers.
oh my heart. 
on a day like today (yeah, it feels like 46 degrees with the humidity) noah is in a sleeveless top and jude is in a sleeveless romper and
i think 2 yrs might be the longest i can push the romper on jude, but dang! so cute!



what are some summery things you love?


  1. Noah's farmer's tan is too cute. Both my boys have them too. Brayden just grew out of his rompers, I'm so bummed! Gosh, boy's wear is too adorbs for words! Happy summer indeed!

  2. and noah's wearing your new boots!? ha that is hilarious

  3. I am loving rompers this summer! I never thought I'd like them but my little man looks SO cute in them!! I'm a new reader, can't wait to see the pics your sis takes for you:)


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