Monday, February 13, 2006


What I accomplished:
buy protein powder: done. Although one guy tried to sell it to me for $75, I ended up buying it from a girl who practically yelled at me that carbs are not evil. I told her that I know that and to stop yelling at me. Ok, so I didn't tell her that. But she did apologize. Oh well. She loves her job I guess.
go to the gym: done. It was a good work out too. But not too long.
pick up pictures from blacks: done. Thanks Kev for the gift certificate!
take pictueres with the SLR: *sigh* not done. But I did get many other things accomplished and since I have pictures now, I can scrapbook. That's creative!
get coins and do laundry: done and done! It's a good feeling to have clean underwear.
write letters: done! but not sent yet. Why don't I have a post box around the corner from me?
eat right and follow the rules: done! For today at least. I plan on cheating tomorrow, but it's planned, not spontaneous and for some reason that makes it all better.
research jazz clubs: done. Manhattan's, here I come!
set a date with Sab: not done, but definitely thought about!
email small group, email staff ladies: done and done!

I also did many other things that I won't bother to write down here.
All in all, a good day.
Happy Early Valentine's Day!

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