Sunday, February 5, 2006


Borrowing a friend's car because yours doesn't start: $20 for gas
Buying a roadside assistance program because your car is now giving you problems: $100.00/year
Getting your car towed, looked at, and given a new battery so that it will start again: $201.00
Getting up, showered, dressed, ready for church and your car with the new battery doesn't start: priceless - and yet so frustrating!

I shake my fist at you, car!!!


  1. dude man, that stinks. I'd shake my fist at the car too!

  2. haha this is such a great picture. you look like your wearing really skinny 80's black jeans! i love it.

    but the whole car thing is a real bummer.

    love sab

  3. yeah, that does really suck. :(

  4. Sunds like it's an alternator problem to me. At least that's what happened to us when we got a new battery and then it died right after. That's my expert mechanic opinion. Hehe. Sorry about the car. We know how it feels. Our stupid VW did the same crap to us. So that's why you buy a car just for the warranty. That's what we did with our hyundai accent. Life's worry free with a warranty. Hey, I should sell that as a slogan!


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