Thursday, February 16, 2006


The luge has got to be one of the most incredible sports.
These people are lying on tiny sleds, ripping down ice slides at speeds of over 100 km.
So unbelieveably cool. And epic. Try this one time; turn on the olympics and watch the luge with no sound on. Instead, put on some classical epic-type music with large crescendos and grandios music.
It's very cool.
I admire the athletes who participate in the luge.
Once I got past the Jerry Seinfeld stand up bit on the the "involuntary luge" and really watched these men and women just whipping around corners at break neck speeds (literally!) I really gained a sense of awe and wonder and respect for them.
I think if you can get that out of the Olympics, it's all worth it.
Oh and National Pride. Don't forget about that.

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  1. i agree i love watching the luge. yes and who can forget the "involunatry luge" hahaha

    i love the winter olympics!


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