Sunday, February 19, 2006


I can't believe tomorrow is Monday.
I am just utterly exhausted.
The weekend has just flown by.
Looking at my summer schedule doesn't make me feel any better, either.
From June 25th-August 4th I will have travelled from Guelph to Orlando to Toronto to Guelph to Vancouver to Whistler and then back to Toronto and then to Guelph and then probably up north to go camping. (That's after the 4th, though).
It's going to be exciting (this was what I wanted, right? Travelling all the time?) but pretty crazy.
I think it's just because I'm thinking about it whilst (good word) I'm entirely pooped. From hair follicle to toe nail. P-o-o-p-e-d.

I know. Completely inappropriate. Oh well. I've never been one to shy away from toilet talk. So many of you have just lost so much respect for me. *sigh* Oh well. You'd find out sooner or later.


  1. ha ha haa... toilet talk. always appropriate if you ask me. :o) great pic. who would want to stand there with a bag?

  2. hahahahaa, oh vaness, that's funny. reminds me of a darwin award story. i'll tell you in person sometimes. ;P


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