Monday, February 13, 2006


To Do:
-buy protein powder
-go to the gym
-pick up pictures from Black's
-take pictures with SLR
This brings me to a thought I had today. I'm feeling flat. Not in the "chesty" sense, but in the...artistic sense. I haven't indulged my creative side lately and that is a side that I NEED to indulge in. It refreshes me. It gives me energy. It makes me happy. So...starting tomorrow I'm taking out the old tripod and my SLR camera with half a roll of film left in it and I'm going to document Guelph. Or at least my little pocket of Guelph. Actually there is a quaint "old Guelph" section downtown that I'd like to venture out into.
-get some coins to do laundry
-do laundry
-write those letters that you have been putting off for the past 2 weeks
-eat right and follow the rules (YOU CAN DO IT!)
-research jazz clubs for me and Sab to hang out at
-make a date with Sab to go to aforementionned jazz clubs
-email small group to get things going!
-email the staff ladies for a dinner in at my place

Hmm...I need to make a "to do" list more often.
List it up!

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