Wednesday, February 8, 2006


What is the allure of psychic readings?
People are searching. Obviously. But what are they searching for? Or at least, what do they think they are searching for?
This guy sets up a table in the middle of the UC (university centre) with a sign that says:
People are just flocking to him. Person after person keeps approaching him! A guy who claims to have insight into the future and people just keep coming to him.
The way I see it, there are 3 reasons...there could be more, but these are 3 that I've thought of;
1. He claims to have something of value to everyone.
-everyone has a future, everyone wants to know something about their future, and this guy is going to answer them. Actually, he only says they get 3 questions. Whether he'll answer them or not is another matter.
2. He is offering a free and "valueable" service.
3. He appears to be approachable.
-sitting back in his chair, sipping his diet coke (diet? Do psychics need to drink diet coke? Ok, so I lied. I have no idea if it's diet or even if it's coke. It's a dark brown, bubbly drink in a clear glass with ice.)
I guess the idea is to hook people in to where they'll want to know more - above and beyond the 3 questions and then he can get his money.
I still can't get past the idea that people will pay to know more of their future.
This leads me to believe that people want security and knowledge about their future. They want guidance/advice on important decisions and events in their life.
How can we (me personally, but also CCC) communicate to students that living a life for God and knowing Him personally ultimately has bi-products of security and knowledge about the future: "God has my best interests in mind. I can be secure in knowing He'll take care of me and whatever happens is not out of His control."
Guidance and direction for important decisions and events?
No problem.
Knowing God personally means He gives us His Spirit to give us the mind of Christ - all wisdom and guidance are available to us - through Christ Jesus.

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  1. i don't think everyone takes psychics seriously. i know me and kim don't. we went to the psychic fair in the summer and it was full of interesting (and sometimes oddly creepy) people. we went for fun.
    i believe in God and i try to give Him all responsablity for the desicions in my life. but i still read my horroscopes and i still think it'd be intersting to have a reading.
    it doesn't mean i'm going to believe everything or maybe even anything haha. but it's a different kind of insight into something seem to be very drawn to.

    haha i don't know where this is going...but good blog. i liked.

    love sab xoxo

    oh and p.s. regarding the jazz club...i am SO IN! you read my mind! (tee hee no pun intended)


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