Tuesday, February 14, 2006


While I was driving from the university to the gym I happened to notice (as it was hard NOT to) that along the road were many tractors and trucks with guys picketing saying "Farmers feed cities". I'm not sure if protesting is the most effective way to get your message out, but I gave the guy a thumbs up because for the most part, it's true! Without my delicious carrots being planted and harvested by some farmer out there, I'd be carrot-deprived!
I laughed at myself, though, for giving some random dude the thumbs up as if I had any idea of what he and his colleagues are trying to accomplish. *shrug* Ah well...I felt like I was on the side of world-changers...and it was fun.
And then I nearly got side-swiped by some random chick driver. Who doesn't check their blindspot? My heart was beating a mile a minute (yet another random saying...what does that mean exactly?) and I layed into the horn.
I love that cars have horns.
Sometimes I have this urge to just lay on the horn when some pedestrian is just happily walking in front of me at a cross walk or whatnot. Just to see their confusion at my random horn-honking would be...well...humourous.


  1. Hmm. Mile-a-minute...
    60 minutes in an hour...
    60 miles per hour...
    Break-neck speed (and completely unheard of) only 150 years ago.
    Sorry, couldn't resist anylising!! ;-)

  2. hahaha i've thought about the old horn laying to the poor unsuspecting pedestrian.

    it would be funny... hahah


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