Monday, October 22, 2007

birthday extravaganza

Yesterday was both my birthday and my due date.
I was hoping the baby would hold off arriving until after - and he did!
During the afternoon, Jamie and I went downtown to my favourite store, On the Verge, to check and see if they had gotten in their shipment of Espe wallets that I've been waiting for for about 2 months now (I'm not even kidding). In the meantime I've been looking at other wallets, but have decided to hold out and wait for the beautiful Espe wallets to arrive. I even asked them to phone me when they got their shipment in.
So we walked in and I didn't expect to see them there, but there they were, in all their cute leatheryness.
It was definitely worth the wait - so Jamie purchased me one for my birthday and I must say, it's my first "grown up" wallet ever so that's somewhat monumental for my 26th birthday and last birthday sans children.
Who knew a wallet could bring so much joy? (So I have a slight bent toward materialism...I admit it. It's true.)

That evening we went to Strom's Corn Maze - something Kirsten and I have been wanting to do for...a really long time. I can't remember how long exactly - but probably a year.
So that was fun - fun to have a photo opp, fun to check it off my list, and actually pretty fun to wander around these really tall stalks of dried out corn! :)
The baby also held off his arrival for a delicious dinner out at The Outback in Kitchener with some great friends.
So it was a great birthday. Oh and on Saturday I went out to The Fat Duck Gastropub with some friends (and family) from out of town and I have to give props to Shelly for recommending it. Seriously - this was the best meal I have had in a really, really long time. Everyone loved their food and the prices were good, and the food was extraordinary! I would recommend it to any and everyone.
So a good weekend was definitely had by this birthday girl. I am 26 and now eagerly anticipating the arrival of this child who finds it more comfortable to be all squished up inside of me than to come out and meet his parents!


  1. Oh Vaness. I miss you.

    I LOVE Espe wallets, and I LURVE yours. I don't think I can go back to anything else. Mine's starting to die off so I'm already scouting for new ones.

    Glad you liked the Fat Duck. Oh...I miss it.

    Loved that you had a great birthday before the baby.

  2. Hey Vaness

    Glad you had a great weekend, especially with your "out of town friends". GOLLY, I have a name ya know! ;)


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